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Monday, February 9, 2009

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Danu February 12, 2009 at 6:01 PM  

I am from Indonesia. Our country with the largest Muslim population in the world.85% of the 220 million people in my country are Muslims. Hopefully your blog useful to many people, and can contribute to the development of the Muslims in the United States. Stay in the Spirit. May Allah Bless you.

Modest Islamic Clothing February 13, 2009 at 7:39 AM  

Assalamu Alaikum Brother Danu,
I am so so proud of my Indonesian Muslim brothers and sister...May Allah Reward you for your good and encouraging Comments and for your pure feelings toward Islam and the Muslim Ummah...Insha-allah it does seem like alot of our muslim sisters are benefiting from this blog. May Allah Guide us all to cover ourselves modestly only to please our Creator the Most High, Allah. And I pray to Allah that He guides us to wear the Clothing of Taqwaa, righteousness and cleanse our hearts and fill it with love for our DEEN and pratice to the best of our ability.
May Allah Guide us and Have Mercy upon us. Ameen


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