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3 Elements That Make Modern Islamic Fashion Amazing

3 Elements That Make Modern Islamic Fashion Amazing

For years, Islamic clothing trends were nothing to write home about. Muslims themselves would tell you that, too. The word ‘fashion’ would probably not come anywhere close to describing many garments that were traditionally worn throughout the faith. However, recent years has seen the Islamic faith and culture belatedly embrace a number of great fashion trends and ideas from around the world.
We explored the top three elements of modern Islamic fashions, and at why many around the world view them as so inspirational.
Looking Contemporary
If you didn’t know what you were looking for, it is likely that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between some modern Muslim clothing and a garment that is a top seller in a contemporary fashion store.
One of the biggest criticisms of Islamic fashion in years gone by was that it was outdated and did nothing to help modern Muslim women in terms of confidence and fitting in with their peer groups. The appearance of items such as kaftan dresses, capes, and accessories means that Islamic clothing looks more contemporary than ever before, and not unlike a lot of what you could find at a local shopping centre.
Such has been the influence of modern Islamic fashion in this respect that a lot of contemporary and Western styles have clear obvious elements of Muslim style included within them, particularly when it comes to dresses.
Great Colour
Another traditional element of Islamic clothing was the conservative use of colour. You could even go so far as to describe then as dour. However, as the styles have evolved to be more like what you see in society in general, so the colour and pattern elements of today’s fashions have found their way into Islamic clothing.
While greys, navy blues, and blacks remain popular, especially on formal occasions, there is a much more relaxed attitude when it comes to other times. White is hugely worn by Muslim women, particularly in terms of a kaftan, however an abaya may be worn in red, or a lighter, softer blue, for example.
One of the biggest uses of colour and pattern is seen, perhaps surprisingly, in the hijab headdress, which is now available in a range of different colour schemes, making it fit perfectly with any outfit.
Feeling Free
The most poignant and hard-hitting criticism of Islamic fashion in recent years was arguably the viewpoint that is was oppressive to women. The way that trends have changed in a short space of time, and the way women within Islam are now viewed and living as a result, is definitely the biggest and best element of modern style.
Garments such as the burka are no longer considered as a ‘must wear.’ While the colour and style trends we explored earlier mean that women who go out to work, or are looking to play a part in their local community, are able to integrate with peer groups much easier, and enjoy a multitude of benefits as a result.
Of all the inspirational elements of modern Islamic clothing, the profound and lasting impact it has had on the confidence and lifestyle of women is unquestionably the most important.
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